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    Dee Younginn Pops Off On Debut Album “Next 2 Blow”

    Many great talents such as Megan Thee Stallion, T.I., and Lil Wayne have come out of the south and cemented their place in the rap scene forever. North Carolina’s Dee Younginn has come through the ranks, and he’s quickly proving that he deserves a place amongst his rap peers. Furthermore, the baby-faced rapper started spitting bars at age 15 and dropped his first breakout track “Ahh Bagg.” After growing up listening to idols like Gucci Mane, T.I., Boosie and Lil Wayne, it’s no wonder he gained massive attention in North Carolina’s HipHop scene.

    More success was headed Younginn’s way when his 2021 “FACTS” dropped. By then he received shoutouts from the likes of DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas. That same year, he even gained the attention of record labels, such as South Coast Music Group. Since signing, the young rapper has been in the fast lane .

    Today, the baby-faced rapper drops his debut album Next 2 Blow . With a long road ahead of him, Younginn’s up for the challenge of living the rap star life. In fact, he’s ready to pop off.

    Dee Younginn’s Success Continues

    The North Carolina artist indeed made a huge move releasing his first album. It’s a step in the right direction, not only to solidify his place in the rap scene, but to grow as an artist. While Dee Younginn has plenty of time to work on his sound, he’s living in the moment right now.

    Furthermore, Younginn’s debut album Next 2 Blow features the rapper basically popping off. He may appear innocent with his doe eyes and youthful features, but his lyrics are unfiltered and unapologetic. In many of his songs off the album, the rapper boasts of his newfound wealth. In the music video for his title track “Next 2 Blow”, the rapper’s come up is better than most. The guy has fast cars and stacks of money for days. He has it made in the shade.

    Additionally, Younginn often boasts that he’s the best rapper out of his peers. In track 13 “Rollin”, Younginn raps that “these rappers are lying about their pen game.” While following typical rapper protocol, the song surprises the listener with the instrumentals. Violin notes sneak into the track, merging classical with rap music in a way that takes the song to new heights.

    After boasting about life in the fast lane, Younginn makes it clear that he still has his street smarts. In track 7 “Febreeze,” the rapper raps that while “money spills out of his pockets” he still carries a piece on him. In other words, the young rapper stays alert. The guy is ready to pop off.

    The Album Is Already A Success

    Dee Younginn
    via SoundCloud

    On track to release his debut album Next 2 Blow , Dee Younginn has risen to new heights of fame. The newcomer has released three singles off the record and they’re already mega hits. So far, “On 2 Freestyle”, “Lyft” and the album’s title track, “Next 2 Blow” have each garnished approximately 150 thousand views on YouTube. Now that the entire album has dropped today, that number has since increased tenfold. Check out more music by Dee Younginn and watch him blow up.

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