‘Deadpool’ Movie Is Now Banned In China Reports Say


This may be a hurt peice to the the folks over at Marvel and 20th Century Fox, as their newest action hero movie ‘Deadpool’ has been banned from debuting in China for several reasons.

Well, several “dumb ass reasons” if you ask us.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, due to the films extreme level of violence, profane language, and nudity, China does not approve of Ryan Reynolds newest flick being in their movie theatres.

China is the second-largest box office in the world, so it’s only right to bring Deadpool to their movie screens. What about the fans? The people in China. Nah, their government doesn’t care about any of that.

The China Film Group works very closely with potential R-Rated blockbusters before allowing them to screen. Unfortunately, Deadpool can’t undergo extensive slicing and dicing on film “without causing plot problems.”

Luckily for us U.S. citizens, Deadpool will be screening Feb.12.


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