Dead Sperm Whale Found Washed Ashore with Pounds of Plastic Inside

Sperm Whale

A dead sperm whale washed up on the shore nearby Kapota Island, in the Wakatobi National Park. It was late Monday when the sea animal was found. What’s shocking was what environmentalists found inside the whale’s stomach.

Inside the deceased whale was up to 13 pounds of toxic waste. There were 4 plastic bottles, 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, 2 flip flops, 1 nylon sack, and more than 1,00 other pieces of plastic items reportedly found.

Environmentalists worry that this is an example of the dangers of plastic pollution problems that particularly plague Asian nations. According to a recent study, plastic pollution will likely triple within the next decade if there’s no solution. And with about 10m tonnes of plastic garbage finding it’s way to the ocean each year, marine life faces severe trouble.

Environmentalists aren’t positive that the waste was what caused the 31- foot whale’s death. Nonetheless, the amount of debris found is still alarming.

Indonesia ranks as the second largest plastic polluter, next to China


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