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    D*ck Ain’t Worth Nicki Minaj Empire!!! Prenup

    Nicki Minaj has racked up plenty of coins since she stepped into mainstream music. Overall she is seen as a legend when it comes to emcees. However now it seems she’s not thinking with her head.

    The young money rapper seems a bit thrown off since getting together with her fiancee this go around. Overall, the public has seen a different side of Nicki to lead us to believe that she is dickmatized. Now with many believing that the two will tie the knot sooner than later, it’s best that Minaj looks out for her fortune. Close friends are allegedly trying to remind her of one particular thing “D*ck ain’t worth Nicki Minaj empire”.

    D*ck Ain’t Worth Nicki Minaj Empire

    That’s right, it’s believed that Nicki will not be asking Mr. Petty to sign off on a prenup before the walk down the aisle. The rapper has worked hard over nearly the last decade to be relevant to the culture of hip-hop. Surely she has built an empire that can come crumbling down if she doesn’t play it smart. Furthermore, Nicki would be a dummy not to protect her assets.

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    Shorty ima only tell u this once, u the illest… 😍

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    “Friends are concerned that Nicki may not get a prenup before she marries Kenneth Petty and they hope she makes the right decision to protect her assets.”

    When she was with Philly rapper Meek Mill, it was a completely different vibe. Despite being in a relationship it seems as though she was still independent. Now her new lover has her fighting media, and even sharing some nearly x-rated videos on Instagram. It’s obvious that Nick definitely doesn’t plan on letting Petty go anytime soon.

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    Mi body riiight. Punani tiiight. 😻

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    “They know that Nicki is head over heels in love with Kenneth and they are worried that love may be so blind that she isn’t even considering what may happen if they ever split. Nicki has a lot to lose and they fully support her following her heart and marrying him. But they just want to make sure she’s being smart about it and fully thinking things through before taking the leap.”

    In conclusion, do you believe that d*ck ain’t worth Nicki Minaj empire? Should she have her lover sign off on a prenup? Who’s gonna tell her the truth? Will she end back up with Meek? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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