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    Davis Chris & Shane Foster of DFD MUSIC talk about Billboard Charting Blues Album “Wings and Blue Cheese”

    “Wings & Blue Cheese” reached #11 on the Billboard Blues Charts as well as #1 on Itunes. Wings and Blue Cheese, adds a youthful, street-wise sound to the genre. Wings and Blue Cheese stretches the limits of what is traditionally recognized as blues music, but that’s the whole point.

    Two songs from the album, “Marinate” and “Watch Yo Mouf” made it onto two Spotify Editorial Playlist “Nu Blue” and “Alt Blue” . Davis Chris & Mr Foster have successfully brought the sound of blues to a younger generation.

    “The goal of our music is to get our point across in under 3 minutes, and still make it enjoyable.” says Davis Chris.This album contains a selection of electric guitars,harmonicas,bass guitars,piano and live drums. Mr Foster is an expert when it comes to live drums and delivers all over this album.

    Davis Chris and Mr Foster have jumped headfirst into the blues pool, and made a big splash. Once fans and purists alike remember that the blues are a living, breathing,forever evolving genre they’ll come to realize the sheer genius of Wings and Blue Cheese.
    These two artists have done the work, paid their dues, and are on the brink of something truly huge. Be sure to stream & download now.

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