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Dave Chappelle Called Daniel Caesar ‘Very Gay’ on John Mayer’s IG Live Show

Comedian Dave Chappelle was featured on John Mayer’s Instagram live show Current Mood.

While everything was just laughs and giggles, drunken Chappelle was asked about Daniel Caesar, who was in the same room. He referred to Caesar as ‘very gay,’ but very quickly responded “Huh? Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding.”


Mayer, who was stunned, muttered “what” to himself after realizing what Chappelle just said. Dave tried to infuse some humor to try and redirect the mood by stating he was jealous that Mayer “had other black friends.” After that joke descended, the comedian stuck to a more serious note, then proceeds to call the singer “amazing.”

While Mayer attempts to redirect the show, Caesar can be heard off-camera confronting Dave saying “what the f*ck was that?.” Mayer continues to defuse the situation by expressing to the viewers that everyone was drunk, but Chappelle proceeds to joke:

“if I fist fight on your show, I’ll be furious.”

Mayer carries on forward with Current Mood while attempting to cool down Dave, but instead, Chappelle gives reassuring “NO!” The offbeat feud took a turn when Daniel concluded that he was being “sensitive” over the remark. In the end, the two decided to embrace each other to finalize their conflict.

Thoughts? Do you feel that Dave Chappelle was telling the truth? Do you think he was just drunk and blabbing?

Be sure to share your thoughts, using the comment section found below.

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