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    Danny Matos – Cope (prod. by Rusty Mack)

    After garnering serious attention earlier this year with The Hangar EP, New York artist Danny Matos continues hustling with the release of a brand-new single, “Cope.”

    Just as we heard on the EP, the track features the poet-turned-rapper once again working with his go-to musical collaborators—Surf School’s Rusty Mack and instrumentalist the Red Walrus. Their lush, live aesthetic adds richness to “Cope” and provides more emotional weight to Matos’ verses, which center on learning to live with mistakes (both his own, and those of others).

    His admission of not being able to cope sometimes, as noted on the track’s melodic hook, is just another shining example of what makes Matos’ music so poignant. While he can absolutely paint a lyrical picture—and does throughout his verses—he also knows when to drive his point home more simplistically. And that notion is particularly clear in the closing sample of a man speaking on how “the truth will set you free.” You just have to go out and find it.

    “Cope” and now available for stream and download through all major streaming outlets and digital retailers.


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