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    Danny Leung Send A Message Of Love On His New Release “Gone Too Far”

    The desire to create music that feels current and timeless is something Danny Leung succeeds in doing in the new single “Gone Too Far.” Danny Leung is a London-based music creator whose sound has been characterized as to be one of London’s best unique R&B sounds.

    “Gone Too Far” covers a theme collection of love, more specifically, the many different phases and variations of love when it comes to couples who strive to save their long-term relationship that seems to be fading away. In addition, the singer smoothly lets out his heart on the slick indie R&B song that was produced by Danny Leung himself and also coproduced by Cameron Kuwada.

    His way of characterizing stories is unpretentious and unfiltered, which makes the artist credible and easy to relate to, particularly on tracks like “Gone Too Far.”

    Stream “Gone Too Far” on Spotify

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