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    Damn Nicki That Dick Must Be Goodddd ??!!

    Damn Nicki, say it ain’t so!

    In the recent days Nicki Minaj has been catching hell on the internet over a mystery lover.

    Apparently the person in a spread of her picture is a former lover that she has rekindled things with.

    The rapper was in rare form on social media showing the more freaky side of herself.

    Instantly people started to do research and claim that the man in question Kenneth Petty, was allegedly convicted of murder.

    Many people have not come to the defense of Nicki lately. More news have came out about Mr. Petty and Nicki.

    A woman has come forward on social media claiming that ALLEGEDLY stole her man from her. The woman left a post under a picture, but did not mention Nicki directly. We’re not sure if this is a publicity stunt, but people are still wondering if this is the case.

    If Nicki snatched you up, we’re sure that dick must be good!!

    Damn Nicki That Dick-1
    There are already rumors that Nicki plan to marry, and have a baby. That was surely quick, and the media is running with the situation.

    It got to the point where Nicki is now threatening to sue host Jesse Palmer over defamation.

    Damn Nicki, we know that you got more class then this… She trying to live her best life!!


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