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    Dame Dash Arrested For Not Paying Child Support!!

    Hip Hop Mogul Dame Dash was arrested in new york for warrants due to not paying his child support!!!

    Dame Dash went to court to try to pay his child support debt off bu still got arrested. The roc-a-fella founder had 2 warrants out for his arrest about his child support payments. Dash has been in the news lately because he been crying broke to get out of his payments.Dame Dash Arrested-1

    The hip-hop legend had one warrant dating back to 2015 after a judge ordered him to pay over $60,000 to his baby mom Cindy Morales. The other warrant came last year when he was ordered to pay another $340,000. The second payment was to his other baby mom Racheal Roy.

    Dash allegedly showed up to the courthouse to pay off the debts but before he could finish the deal he was cuffed and booked.  The former record exec paid about a million to settle one of the warrants.  Yet, as he was on his way to pay the other he was stopped by the cops.

    He was arrested and processed but didn’t sit in jail for too long.

    He was able to post bail and pay off the other past-due child support bill to be released. Dame also took the time to clear up the fact that he is not having any money problems. Telling reporters “Ain’t no money Problems” as he was being taken into the police district.

    This is the opposite of what Dash said in legal documents filed earlier this month. In the documents, Dash said that his income was “virtually nonexistent” and asked the judge to lower his child support payments. He went on to say his only income is from producer lee daniels payments from a 2 million dollar debt. However, he said that because his earnings are being garnished those payments aren’t helping him.

    It’s kinda crazy that earlier this year Jay-z was announced as the first rap billionaire and his ex-partner is being arrested for money problems. Roc-a-Fella was once the biggest label in rap at a time and Jay and Dame were two of the most respected names in the game. Guess we know who did better without the other.

    What do you guys think about Dame being arrested? is he as broke as he says he is or just trying to get out of his responsibilities.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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