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    Dallas Native Bryson Cole Drops Fast, Loose ‘Perfect Timing’ EP

    And with Texas slowly emerging from the pandemic to normalcy, popular Dallas recording artist Bryson Cole seizes the moment during hibernation and releases new music with a properly-titled EP, Perfect Timing, out via self-imprint. Short and sweet, the 23-year-old gathers up six new songs that showcase his lyrical prowess and proves, without profanity, he can acquire the title of “Greatest” based on pure skill alone. His latest is a birthday gift to fans and himself — which is March 17.


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    “This was a project that allowed me to have fun and let loose! Giving me the momentum for my next release,” he says about the project’s arrival.

    He adds: “Perfect timing is a collection of songs I decided to drop in a time where it feels nobody is dropping music.”

    Just last month he released a new visual to his latest single, “Reflex.” The new project quickly follows his buzzworthy 2020 album, Letter To Myself. Like the last, Perfect Timing is featureless.

    All new music, the project’s standout songs are “Blue Checks,” “God’s Eye” and “Cocky.” We witness an all-new, all-different Bryson Cole on this one — and it’s awesome.

    With the 1st quarter of 2021 coming to a close, the new project comes with the excitement and anticipation of more music from the rising star surely to follow by year’s end. For those new to Bryson Cole, Perfect Timing is the perfect origin point to dive headfirst into his catalog filled with three albums and standout songs, like “Stay Alive,” “Lick” and the most recent, “Reflex.”

    Stream the complete project above and follow Bryson Cole for daily updates and more on Instagram.



    Bryson Cole is an American rapper, songwriter, and visual director. Raised in Arlington, Texas, Cole is best known for his deep stony voice and his purposeful messaging within his music. Bryson Cole’s thought-provoking lyricism and graveling cadence are the true essences of a legend in the making, and the reinvention of great meaningful Hip-hop music.


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