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    DaFixx is the new answer and voice in satellite radio

    Walking by faith and not sight is the smallest tightrope in life.    

    Billions of people wake up daily living in fear, regret, and remorse. However, through all the pain and distress, people still possess the power to dream. Dreaming runs parallel to faith. Having faith in a process or vision without physical proof seems mythical to the mass population.

    Believing in your vision during chaos, mayhem, uncertainty, and adversity builds Championship DNA. Some people are divinely appointed as truth-tellers in life. Natural-born truth-tellers are misinterpreted by the masses and understood by a small percentage of people.

    Words created from seeds of uncensored authenticity, boldness, fearlessness, and ambition are timeless. The deep and insightful thoughts of sacred leaders of faith are inspirational for the next generation of leaders.

    Radio remains the daily motivational and aspirational vehicle for human society. Every day people tune in to their favorite radio broadcasts for the latest news, life perspectives, music, and feelings from their local community.

    Each station has its unique and dynamic radio personality, transforming people’s day and night. Undoubtedly these personalities and their creative genius create a fine line between legendary and normal. Serial Entrepreneur/Award-Winning Show Producer ‘DJ Focus’ is the mastermind behind the culturally groundbreaking Sirius Radio Show DaFixx.’

    DJ FOCUS leads a team of unconventional storytellers in radio.

    ‘DaFixx’s’ eccentric broadcast formula infuses a handpicked curated mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word/Poetry, and unconventional conversations fueled by divine passion. God is at the epicenter of the ‘DaFixx’ radio network, and its vibration impacts people’s spirits.

    Furthermore ‘DaFixx’s’ ultra-distinctive track rotation provides listeners with an unparalleled listening experience. Also every song fits into a meticulously designed puzzle of music mastery. ‘DaFixx’ speaks a creative language of devotion, unyielding faith, unconditional love, and never-ending hope.

    Thousands of dedicated consumers tune in to DaFixx weekday mornings at 6 AM EST on Holy Culture Radio (SiriusXM Channel 154) and Saturday 2 PM- 5 PM EST on Power 89.1 WNZN-FM.

    Jonathan P-Wright is a lead writer for HYPEFRESH Magazine and Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS.


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