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    DaBaby Calls Police To Escort Ex DaniLeigh, Newborn Out His Home

    DaBaby Kicks DaniLeigh And Newborn Out

    DaBaby is never too short of being public about his life, and fans were in for a surprise on his Instagram Live with no other than his baby mama, DaniLeigh. The two escalated in a heated argument that led to DaBaby calling the police on the mother of his baby girl, and let’s say both were not shy about showcasing it on social media.

    However, what seemed to look like a regular Sunday night turned into something extreme and a night complete full of chaos. The “Easy” star appeared distraught feeding her child while DaBaby recorded for “his safety” in taking her phone and called her, “cuckoo for cocoa puffs.”

    “I gotta record you for my safety,” he writes the live. “You ain’t finna do me that. You ain’t finna bring this black man down…it is what it is. Nah, nah, nah. Go with your move, crazy girl. You started you’ s***.”

    What Happened On The Live?

    DaniLeigh told DaBaby to stop and even tried to cover herself with a pillow between the camera. Eventually, she got a hold of her phone and showed the cops that the rapper called. Shortly after the argument, the Instagram live ended, and it did not stop there for the two.

    After, both DaBaby and DaniLeigh released statements regarding the incident.

    The “Walker Texas Ranger” artist claimed he had “been beat on and yelled at” by the “Cravin” star during their relationship. However, he clarified he didn’t intend to press any charges and called the police simply to peacefully remove her from his home.

    “End of the day, no big deal,” he writes in the post. “I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing…I ain’t even want that behavior on display, but it’s okay. Man, this too shall pass it’s all good.”

    The rapper’s statement did not sit well with the singer, and she blamed the altercation all due to a pregnancy test she had ordered to the penthouse.

    “And tonight, he wanna come in my room talkin bout ‘I need to go'” she says in the post. “Don’t matter where I go…mind u…I have a newborn child. So, he mad bc I had a plan B sent to his condo.”

    It led the 29-year-old rapper to call the cops and order his baby mama and daughter to leave his crib. The place they had been living in for the past three months. She then posts another story on Instagram regarding the situation and wants fans to know this was not the person she thought he was.

    The artist goes on to tell fans of the “Suge” star to check out ‘Sticked Up’ featuring 21 Savage on his latest album, Back On My Baby Jesus S*** Again. Since it was written about her since she’s the one in this “love affair.”

    What’s Next?

    The world has been behind the rapper and R&B artist for a good time, but now it seems this relationship may end. Their baby girl is what holds them together, but this altercation comes to show the two are not a match for one another.


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