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Cyntoia Brown was charged with 51-years for fighting back against her sexual abuser.


Cyntoia Brown’s 51 Year Sentence Is Absolute Fucking Bullshit

Cyntoia Brown’s story has shocked many and now her new sentencing is causing debates…

The 30-year-old just was slapped with a 51-year prison sentence for shooting her sexual abuser. At the time, she was 16. Now, Cyntoia is being charged with first-degree murder. Hip-hop icon, T.I also chimed in on the bigger issue.

T.I and Kim Kardashian have chimed in on the failed system in the case of Cyntoia Brown.



The near life sentence was also looked at as problematic from Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and others. The general idea is hypocrisy.

So what do you all think? Outside of the obvious, how can we move forward? Please comment below and stayed tuned as this news story develops.

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[…] the case, many have argued that the sentence was too strict for a minor to receive. Since then, many have advocated for her freedom. In addition, many of those people have been […]


Honestly FTB. Theres no excuse for shooting a sleeping man in the back of the head over leaving and calling the cops. Plus she changed her story? Also robbed him after killing him. It was also proven to be a premeditated killing, so why not leave? She also attacked a nurse threatening to shoot her inthe back ofthe head and 3 to the stomach while she watch blood splatter out. LEGIT HER WORDS. After reading the 40 pages of court hearing and interviews with her. i can see she deserves all the jail time.

[…] and Matthew Charles. But her latest triumph that has everyone talking has to do with Cyntoia Brown. Brown was serving life in prison for killing her 43-year-old abuser. She was a minor at the time, but she was tried as an […]

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