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    Cyn Santana’s Ransom Dick From Joe Budden?

    Joe Budden is one of the most outspoken personalities in the world of hip-hop. The retired rapper tends to put an interesting spin on his views. For that reason, he’s always has a target on his back.

    Mr. Budden is back into the centerfold of drama, and this time it doesn’t have to do with music. Several months ago outlets reported that Budden and his baby mama Cyn Santana officially called it quits. Since then the two have not been the most peaceful regarding the split. Overall, now it seems that Cyn Santana’s ransom dick request is a serious matter.

    The former couple was previously on the last two seasons of Love & Hip-hop New York. Their storyline dealt with Joe’s resurgence back into the music industry as a personality. One of the main issues between the two was that Joe didn’t have time. Santana wanted to spend time with the retired rapper and have plenty of sex. Furthermore, Joe’s inability to balance caused Cyn to up and leave him and take his child. In addition, there were rumors that Budden was allegedly cheating with a model.

    Above all, things have escalated to another level between the two’s feud. Budden took to Twitter to express his frustrations about not seeing his son. Currently, Joe is on a strong wave between multiple podcasts, and is the host of the popular show “State Of Culture”.  The podcaster is looking to see his son sooner than later.  All the while Cyn Santana seems to be living her best life barely thinking about her baby father.

    At the moment Joe has his hands full dealing with bigger than life rapper Nicki Minaj. After calling out Queen Nicki, plenty of people have been calling out Joe on his comments. Now it seems as though it will surely be a stressful week for the Revolt employee.

    In conclusion, do you think that Cyn Santana‘s ransom dick will work? Will Joe start smashing Cyn again in exchange to see his child? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Super bhub


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