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Cristiano Ronaldo Out Here Selling Muthafuckin Hair Transplants!

Hello Magazine

The famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo said fuck soccer and yes to the hair transplant industry!

International soccer superstar has officially launched Isparya Hair Clinic in Madrid. While attending the press conference and grand-opening, Ronaldo’s answer to the big question was simple. Ronaldo explained to the press that he feels appearance is very important and that men should have control over their hair. He even believes that if it came down to it, he would also put his bid in for a transplant.

“When I think it’s necessary [to have a transplant], of course, I’ll do it,” he explained.

And it doesn’t stop there! According to Hollywood Unlocked, the transplant also offers eyebrow transplants! It sounds crazy, but hey hair in America is a thing! Remember when Nicki Minaj put Safaree and Tyga on blast for their hair transplant? 

If, not you should check it out because more men in America are understanding the value of the hair-care and transplant industry. Or it could be that Ronaldo is trying to recoup his 21 million that he used to escape prison. So, Ronaldo is not too far-fetched in his efforts right?

But, what do you all believe? Is Cristiano Ronaldo a great businessman for his move or will it be a failed venture? Please drop a comment below and for more breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to!

Featured Image Credit: Hello Magazine 

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It’s a very welcomed opportunity for many people in Spain and not only to have their image and confidence recovered with the benefits of the hair transplant surgery. Good luck!

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