Our Creative Renaissance

Our Creative Renaissance

Ever notice that “everybody” is a photographer? Or how “everyone” designs clothes or headwear? Or better yet: how “everyone” is a rapper? To me these are telltale signs that we are in our very own Creative Renaissance. This renaissance has noticeable developments in the fashion industry, music industry and art culture all of which seems to be targeting the millennials (more specifically the population born between 1990-2000, but not exclusively). Fully exploring the catalyst’s and involvement of outside factors cannot possibly be done in one article. So I will restrict the following analysis to a birds eye-view of the current situation. Leaving other parts of the mystery up to other curious detectives.

Historically there have been multiple renaissance’s or “reawakenings”, but the most famous is The Renaissance occurring in Europe fueled by ancient Roman and Greek ideas. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello (not our mutant turtle friends) are all famous names who contributed during The Renaissance and created some of the most famous art pieces known around the globe. Now that you have a brief rundown of what the renaissance was and what comes of it, lets try and reflect on what is happening around us.

As mentioned before more and more people around you seem to be delving into some art form, whether taking the full plunge or simply dipping their feet into the inviting waters—everyone is involved either as a contributor or a witness. There are no statistics that I can readily provide, but your own experience is far more valuable to me. Count how many photographers you know. Now count how many people you know or have heard of in your age cohort that have their own clothing line or at least make some of their own designs. Count how many rappers there seem to be in your school. Lost count? Ran out of fingers and toes? Now this is the important part, think back 10 years. Granted people may have been too young (no such thing) to venture into artistic fields think of the individuals that were older at that time, where they doing what you all and your friends are doing now? No. Why? Collateral effects of legislation changing policy on gay marriage? Black lives matter movement? Feminist movements? Could be any one or more of those reasons. I think it is crucial to note that each one of those proposed motivating forces all center around empowering the individual while seemingly unifying a group. Individualism can be thought of as a harbinger of creativity. People thinking of their individual person as important begin to value every part of themselves, particularly (for this article) their creative side. The idea that individuals should not be held back from being themselves and to pursue their limits brings us to where we are now. Art also happens to be a very easy form of expression. Anything can be art (to some peoples frustration) a simple song with a trap beat, a skillful dash on a canvas it is all art. And anyone can do it. Just like the renaissance found after the middle age, there is a lot of change going on in the world concerning inventions, political, social etc developments, all vital ingredients coming together to conjure up a beautiful Creative Renaissance.

Our Creative Renaissance (3)

What does this mean? Will we get our very own Michelangelo? Can we expect a painting like Mona Lisa at our next local art event? That’s certainly within the realm of possibility (attend your local art event so you don’t miss out), but this just means that we have creative juices flowing freely around us and in us that have been laying dormant, to an extent, for too long. I encourage you to explore the creative capacities that you have. I encourage you to find local art events to go to. Retweet your classmates mixtape. Be a part of this Creative Renaissance, feed off of its energy and feed its energy.


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