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    Yo WTF? Prison Fight in Brazil Leaves 57 Dead & 16 Headless

    There are a few things you couldn’t pay me to do, and one of those things is going to prison. Especially if that prison is located anywhere in Brazil.

    In case you haven’t heard, Brazil has some of the worst prison conditions in the world. Let’s take Altamira prison for example. On Monday, the inmates there went absolutely crazy.

    According to Bossip, inmates at Altamira prison got into a really big fight, which left 57 people dead and 16 people decapitated.

    We will say that again…

    There are 57 people dead and 16 people without a head, following a prison fight in Brazil.

    How do you even accomplish something like this??? Decapitation???

    Prison authorities state that a fire was set by one of the rival prison groups, the Comando Classe A. It was an attack against the Rio de Janeiro-based Comando Vermelho. Supposedly, the group started the fire around 7 a.m. and quickly spread throughout the prison’s units. During that time, police were not able to get into the building, which allowed for inmates to go crazy.

    Prison chief Jarbas Vasconcelos had this to say:

    “Leaders of the (Comando Classe A) set fire to a cell belonging to one of the prison’s pavillions, where members of the (Comando Vermelho) were located.”
    “It was a targeted attack. The aim was to show that it was a settling of accounts between the two groups, not a protest or rebellion against the prison system.”

    Following the fire, a lot of inmates now have to go to other prisons.

    Thoughts? What do you think about this prison fight that happened in Brazil? What’s the craziest prison fight you’ve ever heard of? Let us know by dropping a comment off in the comment section found below.

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    Featured Image: Zee News

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