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    Craig ‘muMs’ Grant, Poet and ‘Oz’ Actor, Dead at 53; Kirk Acevedo and J.D. Williams pay their respects.

    Craig ‘muMs’ Grant, Poet and ‘Oz’ Actor, Dies at 53

    Hbo’s Oz alum and poet died at the age of 53. Causes of the death are unknown but speculated to be natural causes, at this time. Craig Grant known by his pseudonym mums is most known by his role as “poet” on Oz. Grant was also a known poet prior to the show; first gained attention as a poet and performer when he was featured in the documentary SlamNation.


    “Kidnap the president’s wife” | HBO’s OZ

    Tom Fantana was a fan of his poetry and created a part for him just to feature his poetry on the show. The show was about an experimental prison wing known as em city and featured narrations by Augustus Hill, played by Harold Perrineau .

    Since OZ,  Grant has starred on several other projects. Notable appearances include “The Sopranos,” “Chapelle’s Show,” “Law & Order,” “Boston Legal,” “Blue Bloods,” “Nurse Jackie,” Marvel and Netflix’s “Luke Cage,” HBO’s “High Maintenance” and Jordan Peele’s TBS comedy “The Last O.G.” Grant also starred in “She’s Gotta Have It,. 

    He was beloved by his fellow OZ alum. Both Kirk Acevedo and J.D. Williams tweeted out memorials honoring their fellow actor and friend.

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