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    Court Rules That Surgery Must Be Provided To Transgender Inmate In Idaho!

    Idaho is living in 2050!

    Idaho must provide gender confirmation surgery to a transgender inmate living as a woman for years but who has continuously been housed in a men’s prison.

    Adree Edmo will be the first transgender inmate in the country to receive the surgery based on a court order.

    Under the ruling, Edmo would become the first Idaho inmate to receive gender confirmation surgery while in Idaho Department of Correction custody.

    “This is a complete win for Ms. Edmo,” said her attorney, Lori Rifkin. “Our client is immensely relieved and grateful that the court recognized her basic right to medical treatment.”

    Republican Gov. Brad Little said he planned to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “The court’s decision is extremely disappointing,” he said in a statement. “The hardworking taxpayers of Idaho should not be forced to pay for a convicted sex offender’s gender reassignment surgery…”

    “…when it is contrary to the medical opinions of the treating physician and multiple mental health professionals.”

    However, the federal courts rejected Idaho’s experts and treatment decisions for Edmo.

    Months before the verdict, the federal appeals court ruled Idaho Department of Corrections cannot provide the surgery.

    But, attorney Deborah Ferguson says Edmo was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

    “We provided the court with some very, very high-quality expert testimony about the care treatment necessary for her gender dysphoria which is severe…”

    “…and the medically necessary treatment is gender confirmation surgery,”

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    Featured Image Credit: Daily News UK


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