Could Kanye West Still Have Feelings For Amber Rose?

Could Kanye West Still

Everyone is still recovering from the latest episode of Twitter Fingers featuring Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

A dispute that had the “greatest moment in Rap Twitter” written all over it because of one factor: Amber Rose.

As Kanye unleashed his 17-part diss to Wiz, things turned ugly when he dragged his ex-lover and her and Wiz’s two year-old son into the mix. Kanye’s actions were sexist and mortifying — but they were clear signs that he still misses his old muse.
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It’s been six years since Ye and Amber called it quits. A time span in which Rose married Wiz, had a son, and got divorced while Kanye married Kim Kardashian and had two kids of their own.

There seemed to be no tension between the rappers, though we can not say the same for the ladies. West even admitted his respect for Wiz on record. But the moment Wiz objected WAVES and was accused of tweeting Kim’s initials, Kanye unlocked all the ammo he’s probably been saving in his drafts.

A riff between these two was bound to happen; and when it did, Amber would be stuck in the crossfire. Only in this case, picking a battle with Wiz turned out to be another shot at shaming Rose by calling her a stripper and a gold digger.

Last year, Kanye exaggerated to the Breakfast Club that he had to take “30 showers” after dating Muva Rose before he could even touch Kim. Amber never spoke ill of Kanye or their relationship, that is before she unveiled his bedroom preferences. So why does he feel the need to always tear her down?

We all know how important Amber was to Kanye. The end of their romance shaped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is one of this decade’s best albums and arguably Ye’s greatest work. West touched on the relationship throughout the album, most notably on “Runaway” and “Blame Game.” The former details how the relationship unraveled (“See, I could have me a good girl/And still be addicted to them hoodrats/And I just blame everything on you”), the latter illustrates Kanye’s guilt (“Till about two a.m. and I call back/And I hang up and I start to blame myself”).

Kanye bared it all on these records, but it’s possible that he still has feelings for Rose with this latest act of slut shaming. It’s similar to how kids in elementary school act when they think a classmate is cute. They hide their admiration behind bullying. Instead of admitting how they feel, they quickly tease them.

Maybe Kanye is just a typical jealous ex-boyfriend who hates to see their old flame still striving and prospering. Writer Myles Brown noted that Kanye probably hasn’t accepted the fact that Amber doesn’t need him anymore.

He introduced her to the world and though they have parted-ways, Amber’s career did not need Kanye’s support to flourish.

Kanye needs to let that hurt go and put more energy into being a husband and father. Unless all these attacks were orchestrated by Kim. Oh, the plot thickens.



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