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    Costco Is Preparing for the End, 26-Lbs of Mac-N-Cheese at a Time

    Have you ever watched The Walking Dead, or the most recent release on Netflix, Birdbox?

    If you have, then you know how scarce food supplies get when it’s the end of the world. And evidentally, so does Costco!
    The wholesale giant has been selling 26-lb tubs of macaroni and cheese.
    According to HNHH, a representative for Costco said the tubs of cheesy pasta “came about making a great starter kit for a family who wanted to prepare for any kind of disaster. This is a great value with shipping included.”
    And if 26-lbs of mac-n-cheese isn’t bizarre enough, maybe its storage life is. Apparently, the dish can stay edible for up to 20 years! Costco describes the product as being able to withstand the test of time through its smart packaging.

    On the website, Costco says the noodles and cheese are kept separate using something called “metalite pouches.” They help to ensure the freshness, which in turn, will help families survive something like an apocalypse.
    And from the looks of it, families are buying into the idea that they’ll actually need it. All it did was take a few years for people to see the neccessity, because now Costco is sold out.
    Costco was selling the product for $89.99 USD.
    Thoughts? Would you buy a tub of macaroni and cheese? If not, what would you rather have instead? Share your thoughts below.
    After, be sure to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more WTF news!

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