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    Coronavirus Spread May Stop 2020 NBA Season Restart

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Makes Big Announcement

    The 2020 NBA season restart is in effect. Check out this previous HypeFresh article for a schedule of the remainder of the season. There are plans for the conclusion of the NBA season to take place at a facility in Orlando, Florida. Players and staff have begun traveling to the facilities in Orlando, but who’s to say how long this will continue? Although Silver believes that the facility would be a safe location for play, due to the constant testing, this does not mean we are in the clear just yet.

    While on air with TIME 100 Talks, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did acknowledge the possibility of the 2020 NBA season restart being canceled, “We are testing daily. We haven’t put a precise number on it, but if we were to see a large number of cases and see spread in our community, that would of course be a cause to stop as well”.

    The Spread of the Coronavirus Around the League

    In a perfect world, having the NBA season resume would be great. Playoff basketball is always an entertaining watch, especially when there are no other major sports taking place. But as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has brought to light, one must take into consideration a further spread of coronavirus.

    2020 NBA Season Restart Coronavirus Spread NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
    Image via Orange Country Register

    The Denver Nuggets just closed their facility after multiple members of the team’s staff tested positive for the virus. Whereas the number of new cases per day around the country has continued to increase. Especially in places across Florida, just like Orlando, the location of the NBA 2020 season restart.

    The NBA Needs to Do More

    The NBA has been hopeful to restart the season, but is that the right call? The coronavirus is still spreading at an unprecedented rate throughout America, so I am not too sure if a close-contact sport like basketball is necessary at the moment. Another major concern with the 2020 NBA season restart, is all of the attention that will shift away from the Black Lives Matter movement.

    NBA executives and team owners are some of the richest people out there, yet have done nothing in terms of helping the Black Lives Matter movement. When asked what the league would be doing in support of social justice, Adam Silver simply stated they would paint Black Lives Matter across the courts. But… how about they put their money where their mouths are and actually do something more meaningful?

    Final Thoughts

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you pumped for the NBA season to resume or do you think it is too early? Should the league turn the attention on more important things such as people’s health and the BLM? Or do you feel some quality basketball is just what people need right now?


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