Coronavirus Lockdown Is Killing My Creativity!!!

Coronavirus Lockdown

Being creative during coronavirus lockdown is difficult!

The Coronavirus took over the world a few months back and has had it in a chokehold ever since. Life in itself has become 10x more difficult due to quarantining, and social distancing, not to mention everything is on lockdown.

For people who work in creative fields, their lives may be just harder.

As a writer for an online publication, my job is to write articles about various topics throughout the day. Here at Hypefresh, we consider ourselves a lifestyle magazine that covers any and everything involving The Culture. The job in itself is not difficult when you enjoy the content you are working on, but it’s a job, so there are good days and bad days. This coronavirus lockdown has made almost every day a bad day.

I thought working from home was “finna be a breeze,” I was wrong, so, so, so wrong. For some people, working from home is a dream, no need to get dressed, no travel time, the benefits are aplenty. However, for others, it is absolute torture, equivalent to jail or waterboarding.

Working remotely is very different than working from home.

Being creative is all about finding your style, your groove, it’s about finding where and when you are the most inspired. I love outside; I grew up in the ’90s when the kid’s played outdoors. The idea of being trapped in the house for too long reminds me of being on punishment, and I don’t like it.

Some creatives need to be able to feel the sun on our skin, the breeze in our hair, or just hear the hustle and bustle city life. Others need to have on certain music or to partake in some recreational herb use. The point is to be creative, you have to do what works for you, and for a lot of us being in the house just doesn’t work.

I’ve seen the meme floating around that says, ” if you don’t come out of this with a side hustle,” blah, blah, blah, a bunch of other crap. While it’s true, this coronavirus lockdown presents some people with the extra time they need to focus on some goals.

Not everyone is the same, and for people like me, this time gave me too much time to think.

My mother died a little over a year ago, and truthfully I haven’t processed my feelings yet. Within the first week of lockdown, I felt myself slowly slipping into a depressed state. With the extra time, and nowhere to go, all I did was sit, think, and reflect, and with that came emotions, I wasn’t ready to confront.

Additionally, I, like so many other Americans, had to deal with having a loved one in the hospital during the quarantine. The essential workers were/are amazing, and I genuinely applaud the doctors, nurses, janitors, and everyone else who had to work in these circumstances. (even the security guard I got into an argument with at the hospital). However, having my terminally ill father in the hospital, unable to visit him, console him, and dreading getting a tragic phone call was hell.

The fact is that many people are busy enough managing their lives; they can’t even imagine managing a business.

This time, while it can be used to be productive, productivity isn’t always about profit. Getting your mind, your body, or your soul together is a very productive task. Maintaining your sanity, dealing with your demons, and even just getting some damn rest is a fantastic accomplishment.

The last few weeks have been horrible in terms of my work productivity; I’ve struggled to write every article. The world is on lockdown, so nothing new is happening in the news that isn’t Coronavirus related. Writing about that stuff gets boring after the first three articles, so you have to get creative. Yet, dealing with emotional trauma, and a sick parent during a global pandemic is a lot to process. My brain just hasn’t been cooperating with me in any way.

This was the only way I could get something done today was to vent a little. I am stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, and I am not okay.

How are you guys doing during this Coronavirus Lockdown?

Let us know in the comments.



  1. This was a great read. I think this sums up how I’m feeling perfectly, being an introvert I think people were expecting this to be a breeze but it is indeed messing with my creativity. I thought I could take this time to finish projects that I have been putting off for so long but it has been more challenging than I anticipated. I have a job that allows outside time most of the day which I enjoy so not having that aspect really changes things emotionally and physically for me so I can relate on more than one level. But I find comfort in having this time to process things that I may not have otherwise processed in the hustle bustle of everyday life so upside, right!? Anyway thanks for sharing! And I pray everything works out for you and your family.


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