Corey Jones Killed By Police Officer on the Highway After His Car Broke Down

Jones Killed

Sunday, October 18, Corey Jones was shot and killed by a police officer on the highway in Florida.

Jones was on his way home from a gig when his car broke down. He called his family to tell them that his car was getting towed. After hanging up, police officer Norman Raja approached Jones’s car thinking that his car was abandoned. The officer claims that Jones was armed with a gun but PLOT TWIST the officer was not in uniform and he was not in a police car.

He claims that Jones pulling out the gun led to his death. The family claims that they were not notified of the death until 12 hours later. There was a gun on the scene that was registered to Corey Jones but there is no information as to whether the gun was actually fired. This officer was not on duty so why was he even responding to this situation?

The fact that the family was not aware of Jones’s death until 12 hours after is horrible and should be reprimanded. May Corey Jones rest in peace and get the justice he deserves.


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