“Cool” Teachers Are Using Drake’s “In My Feelings” to Inspire Kids To Read

Cool Teachers Are Using Drakes
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 07: Drake performs at Qudos Bank Arena on November 7, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lagerhaus/WireImage)

No matter where you go, Drake’s summer hit “In My Feelings” will always be on repeat. It’s practically ingrained into summer 2018 culture at this point. And thanks to Shiggy’s viral challenge, there is no escaping the latter.

So, to capitalize on the success of Drake’s mega-hit, “In My Feelings,” some cool and very creative teachers around the country have flipped the catchy chorus in an effort to inspire their students to read and write.

Check out some examples of the bulletin board artwork below:

And some teachers get an A+ for going the extra mile and including the popular Cardi Bb meme as well!

Yes, it seems corny. But let’s be honest, kids are products of their environment. So if a little Drake is needed to get kids to read, then so be it.

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