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    Conway the Machine & The Alchemist Deliver Smooth New EP ‘LULU’

    Conway the Machine & the Alchemist Deliver on ‘LULU’

    Conway the Machine and the Alchemist dropped a 7 track EP today. The album titled ‘LULU’ offers a refreshing take on rap in today’s day and age of mumble rappers and unoriginal content. These two artists make for a great pairing. Just like usual, the Alchemist is able to produce beats that go to compliment the rapper’s flow that he’s working with quite well.

    (Give the EP a listen using this link)

    What to Expect From the EP

    Conway the Machine possesses a laid back flow as he raps about a lifestyle of crime, guns, and drugs. You are able to appreciate his skill over the course of seven tracks, only one of which that has a feature. The song “Shoot Sideways” features some bars from Schoolboy Q.

    Conway the Machine And The Alchemist Deliver

    the Alchemist is a veteran in the rap game. Having collaborated with legends since the 90s like Cypress Hill, Mobb Deep, Eminem, and many more. Recently he has worked with artists such as Action Bronson, Curren$y, and Freddie Gibbs.

    This project shows why the Alchemist has had such long and successful career. There is an older vibe combined with a unique and modern flair that most raps songs out struggle to do well or chose to not do so at all.

    Final Thoughts

    Although I had heard of the Alchemist long before this EP, I had not personally heard of Conway the Machine. This is in no way to say that he is not a talented artist. I was actually a fan of Conway the Machine’s cadence and style over some slowed downbeats. If you appreciate some older vibes with modern flair then I suggest giving ‘LULU’ a listen.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you excited to give Conway the Machine and the Alchemist’s smooth new EP ‘LULU’ a listen? What are some of your other favorite works by the Alchemist and Conway? And what songs do you like best from their newest EP?


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