Introducing the Converse All Star Modern HTM

Star Modern

Introducing the all new Converse All Star Modern HTM.

“First and foremost, we want [Converse fans] to know we are listening to them and progressively studying their life and trying to get into their heads,” stated Bryan Cioffi, VP and creative director of global footwear at Converse. “We want anyone that picks this up to see that we are really focused on making high quality, lightweight, comfortable products.”

“It’s all about authenticity and how we can draw from the past and bring modernity to that in a very authentic way. The majority about it is about our consumer — we are making these for them. We want to make really well done products. And this is the journey we’re going on. This is the first step.” 

Releasing June 16th.

Dropping in White/Black with White.

Special premiere HTM version dropping on Nikelab June 9th.


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