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    Is The Government Conspiring To Keep Tekashi Bound??

    How many ways can we say this?? Tekashi is not coming home!!

    At the moment it seems like jail is Tekashi permanent resting place. The New York rapper has managed to reach stardom within a year. Currently his debut album”DUMMY BOY” is doing phenomenal on the charts.

    However, his personal life is in real jeopardy thanks to a combination of his actions and law enforcement. Furthermore, there is a reports that prosecutors have video evidence of Tekashi being at multiple places prior to crimes taking place.

    It’s looking bad at the moment as prosecutors are even keeping key pieces of evidence away from the public!

    Complex is the source that claims documents were filed to keep certain evidence under a protective order. A judge by the name of Paul Engelmayer has approved the protective order issued earlier this week.

    It makes sense to keep certain things private as other cases are pending, that will ensure Tekashi doesn’t make it out a jail cell. It seems the government is conspiring to ensure the overall objective doesn’t get tossed!

    At the moment lawyers and defendants will be able to look at the top secret information. Information will not be shared, during the trial. Even after the trial end, the information may not be shared.

    What do you believe? Is the government conspiring?

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