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    Consider The Best Vape Juice Flavors Of 2022

    Consumer demand seems to be shifting to a new paradigm. The focus is more on health than in the past. Many surveys suggest the trend shift of consumers preferring to taste earlier, and experts account this to the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic made many think about their health twice and work towards a healthier body. Doctors suggested that many individuals focus on their bodies and increasing immunity, and some even claim to quit dangerous lifestyle habits like overeating, smoking, and many more. Even after the notorious marketing practices of smoking companies, their sales seem to take a hit.

    The Shift to Vaping

    Markets are a transfer of consumers from one place to another. Many surveys suggest that the popularity of vaping is due to smoking increasingly going into the shadows. A study by Single care states that more than 30% of Americans now have used vaping products at least once in their lifetime in the United States of America. The sales have grown to double in recent years. Experts expect the growth to continue and overshadow the smoking industry in the present decade. It has become possible as vaping is an alternative to other harmful habits like smoking and drinking.

    The popularity reflects when it comes to the number of vendors in the industry. More than 100 vaping companies are present alone in the United States of America. A study by Statista states that eight companies occupy more than 80% of the vaping market in the United States of America. The trend of e juice picked pace in the last years and led to more innovation in the market. We will now talk about vaping and the best flavors to go into 2022 for you. The flavors mostly contain organic flavorings and require a vaping kit.

    Young man holding and vaping
    Young man holding and vaping an electronic cigarette, e-cig, ecigarette.

    What is Vaping?

    Vaping involves ingesting fumes through nasal and mouth cavities. The phenomenon is not new but has ancient roots and many past accounts of medieval human beings utilizing hookah as a recreational activity. The modern vaping kits are much smaller and are available widely in many countries. There are hundreds of vendors in the United States of America selling vaping products, and the machine includes an atomizer, hammer, and a compartment for vape juice. Vaping has become the favorite of many young adults due to its versatility. It is also a safer alternative to smoking, which can cause many dangerous diseases. Many types of research dive deeper into the number of ailments and death that smoking causes.

    Flavored vape juice
    Flavored vape juice isolated on white background

    The vape juice inside the compartment converts into fumes with the help of an atomizer. The vape juice has nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and water, and the nicotine comes from tobacco and is less in content. Some vape juices have no nicotine content inside, making them a safe bet against smoking and drinking. They can also have flavoring inside them, coming from herbs or fruit. We will talk about some of the best vape juice flavors available. We will also describe their origins.

    Strawberry Vape Juice

    Vape juice can have several flavorings inside them. One of the most popular flavors among consumers is strawberry. These red berries are soft and have a soothing aroma. The strawberry extract goes inside the vape juice. The fumes coming from it have a soothing effect on the consumer and a creamy taste. Strawberries are good for cholesterol and can help with blood pressure problems. It has vitamins and fiber inside, which aids indigestion and growth. It makes the fumes more potent. One can always pick a vape juice with a high PG/VG ratio.

    Pineapple Vape Juice

    Pineapple is a popular edible fruit, which makes it one of the most enjoyable vape juice flavors. The outside is rough and covered with scales. The inside of the fruit is yellow and soft to eat. Consumers adore the sweet and sour taste of the fruit. Vape juice can also have pineapple extract inside them. The resultant fumes are creamy and have an excellent aroma. The fruit is low in calories but great in taste. Experts suggest that pineapple has an abundance of Vitamin C, making it perfect. It can also fasten the tissue growth of the consumer and aid in recovery from wounds. Some experts also suggest that the fumes from this vape juice can have cardiac benefits.

    Blueberry Vape Juice

    These blueberries are soft and come from a creeper plant. They are rich in antioxidants which have many health benefits. Research also shows the abundance of vitamins and minerals inside them. Blueberry vape juices have blueberry extract inside, having a sweet and soothing aroma. The fumes calm the throat and provide it with an excellent feeling. They are also rich in Vitamin K, which can come in handy for cardiac health. The best way to utilize them is to breathe in the fumes of its vape juice slowly. They also are rich in Vitamin C, giving a hint of sour taste to the fumes.

    Mango Vape Juice

    Mango is an edible fruit coming from the tropical Mangifera tree, and the tree is seasonal and has roots within Asian countries. It has a plethora of minerals and vitamins, which are essential for body growth. The Mango vape juice will have mango extract inside. The fumes are sweet, and a creamy aroma engulfs the consumer. The sweet fumes relax the user and decrease the electrical activity in the brain. Experts suggest that mango is great for easing your digestion problems.


    Menthol vape juices are more potent than other vape juices on the list. They are the favorite of many experienced vape users. The organic compound is potent, and vape juices also have nicotine inside. It can put the user in a trance instantly and can make them sleep and reduce the anxiety levels of the consumer. It makes it the perfect solution for smoking problems. Many countries only allow high-quality menthol in vape juices for safety reasons, providing an excellent experience in a vaping machine and serving the nicotine hunger for many.

    Are They Legal?

    E-cigarettes are legal in countries like the United States of America. Most countries globally are pushing for more investment in the industry. It can battle the widespread smoking problem. Surveys suggest numerous deaths happen daily due to the harmful effects of tobacco inside smoking products. One can easily order different vape juices legally from online websites and stores. Then one can enjoy their benefits.


    There are immense choices when it comes to vape juice flavors. One can easily mix two flavors and generate a new flavor. Several vendors offer this facility to their premium customers. According to VapeNews, vaping can also assist you with the side effects of other addictions in the past. It can calm the user gradually, making their lifestyle positive.


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