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    Conscious Kane Has Elite Content and Flow in ‘STABILITY’

    Virginia native Conscious Kane is an artist who shows a lot of maturity in his lyrics.

    His new project, Stability captures the mindset of the daily go-getter. He effectively tells his story as it may relate to the average listener and his potential is widely shown throughout the album as he touches on many different topics.

    Conscious Kane’s opening track, “Legal Tender consciously speaks on the love of money, which is also considered to be the root of all evil. From the first seconds of the track, Kane immediately grabs the listeners attention with content that one can relate to as he talks about common financial struggles of a youngin’ on a mission. He questions the importance of money while rapping “Why is everything about the money?” As he continues he cleverly questions the characteristics of currency and It’s deadly flaw saying, “Money makes the world go round. If that’s the root of all evil, what we gon’ do now?”

    Stability is an all-around mental diary of Kane’s dreams and aspirations. “Nothing’ Lessis a track that exemplifies the idea of Kane wanting more out of life and his career as he continuously states that he wants it all. In the last seconds of the song, Kane openly speaks and testifies his hunger for success and everything that comes with it including stability.

    The beat hardens up in “Patience as it hosts a club banging beat with a deeper message as Kane shows off his sharp flow along with his word play rapping, “Won’t be long til I make it on that top floor but damn, that shit take a lot of patience. What’s a doctor without his patients?”

    Kane’s ability to transition between different productions makes him a definite standout. “Sushiprovides a softer and smoother sound as it features vocals from Tayy. Smoother sounds are distributed in the r&b – hip hop track, “What’s Love, which features soft harmonization from Nicole Black.

    More conscious and lyrical storytelling is executed on top of drums and saxophones in “Todds Lane,” which also features Masego, Naomi Rahj, and Austin Lanier. The team of artist put together a near perfect track that provokes the listener’s thought process as it insinuates a daydreaming feeling.

    Kane’s flow represents a humble but confident attitude with a touch optimism. He raps with a good head on his shoulders with great knowledge on where he wants to be and the steps to get there. Listening to this emcee, you feel everything he’s saying. His mixture of flow and lyricism like in “Wavy At The Waveand “Peel The Fruit puts him an advanced classification.

    The ultimate conscious vibe of the album may be in his tracks “Blue Light and “The Potential where he openly vents on his worries and thoughts on the road to success. Nicole Black makes another appearance alongside “West Ave” to kick some knowledge on the young black Americans who have died at the hands of police officers.

    I advise for any conscious hip-hop listener out there to check into the up and coming Conscious Kane and get accustomed to his catalog asap; this young man is something special with a ton of potential looking into the future.

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