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    McGregor-Poirier Fight; Conor McGregor Breaks Leg.

    McGregor-Poirier Fight; Conor Breaks Leg

    By the end of the McGregor-Poirier fight, all of the trash talking ended in a tragic injury for Conor. Even so, the fighter did not let well enough go.

    “Doctor Stoppage!” MeGregor yells, an obvious opportunity to save face but his leg hinged opposite to where it should and he laid on edge the cage, bloodied and with the decision declaring him the loser. “It’s not over!” But, by all appearances, it was. Conor lost and Dustin had won.

    How did we get here?

    McGregor-Poirier Fight Summary

    Well, McGregor was issuing several lower leg kicks to Poirier, a technique that Dustin had used on him in the past. In the first minute, McGregor was very aggressive further landing a hard left. However, Poirier began to take the lead, landing several punches causing McGregor to retreat. And while, it appeared Dustin was coming up in the McGregor-Poirier fight, Conor didn’t give up. Instead, he attempted a guillotine choke that he wasn’t able to complete. Of course, that’s when Poirier had an avantage in top position to gain some ground with further punches. Conor was able to get up but after McGregor-Poirier missed simultaneous punches,  Conor’s left leg caved in on itself, breaking and hinging the opposite way.

    Below, you can see the exact moment where McGreggor breaks his leg. Beware, it is very graphic and may not be palpable for those who are easily squeemish.

    Video Footage of Broken Leg (Graphic)

    And photos below

    Conor Breaks Leg.
    Conor Breaks Leg.
    McGregor-Poirier fight.

    McGregor-Poirier Fight
    Conor Breaks Leg  McGregor-Poirier Fight

    Referee Herb Dean ended the McGregor-Poirier fight at the end of Round 1. Poirier raised his hand excitingly anticipating himself the winner. Then, feeling smug, he spoke to his opponent,

    “Karma’s not a B****, It’s a Mirror.”

     Bad Blood

    Poirier placed a massive bet on himself winning major money that night. That was cap on all the bad blood between the two fighters. This all happened after a series of trash talking and McGregor dragged Poirier’s wife into their feud. Below, took shots at each other and were not holding back.

    McGregor antagonizes Poirier

    Prior the the McGregor-Poirier fight, McGregor pushed Poirier by posting a screenshot of an apparent Instagram message request from his wife, Jolie. At the press conference, Conor said “your wife is your husband” and then tried to start a “Jolie’s wife” chant aimed at Poirier. But instead of getting heated, Poirier brushed off his comments and then landed some trash talk of his own. “Your trash talk is as thin as your hair these days! See ya soon champ champ,” he said.

    As tensions rose, both were ready to fight befor the actual fight.

    Jolie’s had enough of McGregor

    At the conclusion of the fight, Jolie had only one response to McGregor, the finger.

    Dustin feels the same as McGregor didn’t let up after the fight either. The Irish fighter made several threats against Poirier including some to his life. By making a finger gun and putting it to his head and spouting out that he would kill him, McGregor showed his true ugly colors. “This guy’s a dirtbag,” Dustin proclaimed. And while no one really wants to wish harm to another person, many claim what happened to Conor as Karma. And, it seems he didn’t learn his lesson. Maybe, next time, Mcgregor will think before spouting out the mouth.


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