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    Confederate Monuments Are Falling Across America

    Amidst the Black Lives Matters Movement, the South was targeted more specifically at their outdated Confederate monuments. Supports and activists of the Black Lives Movement demanded that the monuments be removed due to the racial background they hold about white supremacy. 

    What do Confederate Monuments Represent? 

    The Confederate States of America was developed during the Civil War, and they were in support of having slavery. They also wanted to break apart from the United States to protect the idea of slavery. The Confederates were in the South. 

    The Confederate Monuments honor somebody that was involved in protecting the confederation. Usually, it is a general for the South during the Civil War. 

    Confederate monuments are to be honored if we honor we are enduring their beliefs. In this case, it is slavery. Of course because of the laws set into place we slavery doesn’t exist in our nation. However, every time people pass the monuments it is a daily reminder of the oppression and treason perpetrated by the South.

    But it’s Part of Our History…

    With every situation, there are two sides to the story, in this case, some people are in favor of removing the monuments and some are not. People in favor of keeping the monuments are arguing that it is part of the United States history and it is just a historical display. The United Daughters of the Confederacy made a statement saying “ We are saddened that some people find anything connected with the Confederacy to be offensive. Our Confederate ancestors were and are Americans. We as an Organization do not sit in judgment of them nor do we impose the standards of the 21st century on these Americans of the 19th century”. Their main point is that the monuments don’t mean that people still endure confederations beliefs. 

    The people that are in favor of monuments getting taken down are not seeing their arguments. They are not denying that it is part of the nation’s history but since that is not our belief anymore, having the monuments up stands as a reminder of the dark past and of the white supremacy that still exists today. 

    During the Black Lives Matter movement when a great number of locations decided to remove their Confederate monuments, they are keeping them in storage where they can still be preserved as part of history. But not served as a daily public reminder to our dark past. 

    Major Monuments Getting Removed in the South 

    With the Black Lives Matter movement, focusing on the racial injustice, government representatives have taken that into account and are taking down some of the confederate monuments. Here are some examples. 

    #1 Robert E. Lee 

    In Richmond, Virginia there was a statue in downtown of Robert E. Lee, who was a commander of the Confederate States Army. This means he was one of the top leaders in the Civil War trying to keep slavery. Gov. Ralph Northam announced that the statue will be removed as soon as possible and kept in storage. 

    #2 Raphael Semmes 

    In Mobile, Alabama there was a statue of Raphael Semmes, who was an officer in the Confederate navy. He commanded the CSS Alabama. The statue was sitting there for about 120 years but Mayor Sandy Stimpson made the order to remove the statue, it was removed overnight. 

    #3 John B. Castleman

    In Louisville, Kentucky, there was a statue of John B. Castleman, who was a Confederate officer and a slave owner to take care of his land. The statue has been sitting there for 107 years, their plan for removal is different. The mayor still wants to remove it from the public eye but wants to put it in the cemetery Castleman was buried at. 

    The Black Lives Matter movement is having an impact on racial injustice in many different ways. 

    What do you think of monuments being removed? 

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