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    Comic View: 30 Legendary Years Of Funny

    LEGENDARY If you are a millennial or older, you probably remember BET original, Comic View. Comic View is a hilarious starting point for many legendary comedians we still love to this day. The show would foster the gap in Black entertainment in regards to stand up comedy becoming mainstream. According to BET, the show’s creator, Curtis Gadson comprised the show that would invite comedy stages right in folks living rooms. Comic View was a safe place for comedians like Bruce Bruce, Bernie Mac, and Cedric the Entertainer to showcase their raw talent. Let’s not leave out the female comedic pioneers like Sommore and Sheryl Underwood who would define the science of laughter and how to make people do it. Sheryl became 12th host on the show from 2005-2006.

    Comic View: 30 Years of Legends and Laughs

    Although the show is no longer airing, the legacy still laughs on. On a smooth run from September 1992 to December 2008, the show left its mark on comedy culture. Producers would go on to bring the show back in 2014 for a short period. Would y’all like to see Comic View come back on air? Clips from the show including funny moments from Lavell Crawford, Rickey Smiley, and Kevin Hart prove the show’s hilarious nostalgia. Despite birthing some of the most known comedians today, the 1992 born show would halt regular filming in 2008.

    Stand Up Invaded Our Homes For the Best

    To have comedy at our fingertips in the 90s was vital—the show would open a portal of lightheartedness and laughter in the Black community. The infamous Reynaldo Rey, would grace the show as its host from 1998 to 2001, according to Complex. Rey is mostly known for his role in 1995 cult film Friday. The comedian and actor would leave his mark on Black stand up comedy vicariously through Comic View. Happy 30 years!


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