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    Colin Kaepernick’s Decision Could Generate Bad Press

    Back in August of 2016, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to make his stand against social injustice.

    Kenyatta K. Wright | Twitter: @kennywright31

    Over the last decade, Black America has seen an uprising of hate. A billion dollar company like the NFL controls major power and can change the views of people. Nobody thought it would all end the way it has reportedly ended in the past couple of days. Colin Kaepernick, who opened up a case under article 17, section 7, to prove he was blackballed. Colin was discriminated against from being picked up by an NFL team due to his stand for social injustice.

    According to Yahoo Sports and many other source-based websites, Colin Kaepernick has decided to settle his lawsuit of collusion against the NFL. The amount was a significant amount, but the specifics of the amount hasn’t been revealed. This may possibly be the one mistake that Kaepernick could have made. Social injustice in the NFL hasn’t changed. So to drop your lawsuit when nothing has changed between the NFL and the players, wasn’t a smart move by Colin. Last season, when the Washington Post reported that the NFL set a rule in place, which stated that NFL players were prohibited from being present on the field if they didn’t kneel for the anthem, the writing was on the wall that the NFL would not budge on their feelings about players kneeling during the national anthem.

    Kaepernick Talking A Stand

    Many people view Kaepernick as today’s Malcolm X. Leadership is something to be taken very seriously, and the cause should be met. With Kaepernick rumored settlement of 50 to 80 million dollars, the NFL must look to a new leader. Nonetheless, Colin Kaepernick will be granted a second chance at playing in the NFL, and teams interested according to Bleacher report are the Carolina Panthers, and the New England Patriots.

    In six seasons in the NFL Kaepernick threw 72 touchdown passes, threw for 12, 271 yards, with a completion percentage of 59, and a passer rating of 88 percent. Should Kaepernick took the settlement? What is Colin’s next move? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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