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    Coi Leray Keeps It Politically Correct After Being Exposed By Latto Leaks

    There’s some truth to the statement “never meet your idols”. It’s never going to go like you expect because there’s more harm than good that can from the situation. It’s a hard pill to swallow, something Latto and Coi Leray had to learn the hard way, based on their experiences with their former idol, Nicki Minaj.

    So Much Tension

    To catch you up to speed, there has been a lot of tension within the female rap community after Latto’s songs were leaked. The source of the uproar was the fact one of the leaks was her rendition of Coi Leray’s “Blick Blick”. With that information being exposed to the public, somebody was going to need to explain their selves.

    Instead of allowing fans to form their own opinion, Coi made the wise move to make a statement. Very smart decision by her team, getting ahead of it before the court of public opinion made their decision. To sum up her statement, she said a whole a load of nothing. She pretty much beat around the bush and never even directly addressed “Blick Blick”. She spent her time bringing up songs she did write to show she can write a song.

    I have to say that Coi would make it as a politician based on her speech. She gave us a solid filibuster by wasting our time and talking about nothing. Shoutout to her publicist for making sure she didn’t say anything out of line. She made sure not to admit guilt, and everything she said was politically correct.

    My Thought Process

    My analysis of the whole situation is that Latto recorded “Blick Blick” first. But the fact the leaks showed her verse was exactly the same as Coi’s. This implies that somebody else wrote it or that Latto gifted the song to Coi. More importantly, this also implies that Coi lied to Nicki Minaj and the world. A couple of months ago, Nicki asked her on IG live how she created the song. When I rewatch it now, I can see that she was clearly lying based on her body language alone.

    My biggest takeaway from all of this is that artists have to stop acting like it’s like it’s embarrassing to have writers. Because in retrospect, it’s actually not that bad. Even the legends had helped writing some of their hits.


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