Scarface Status: $18 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Philly!!!

Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Philly drug

Someone pockets are tight, and it isn’t a good look for major street pharmacists. A major bust ended up with rugs seized.

Recently one of the biggest drug busts in history took place. For that reason, 449 kilograms of cocaine was seized. Authorities ended up finding duffle bags located inside a shipping container at the city’s port. Someone has surely lost plenty of money from the seize.

Drugs Seized

Overall, the whopping total of 992 pounds of cocaine is the largest amount ever. Overall, the street value for the product is an estimate of $18 million. Officials believe that the container in question was traveling from Colombia to Europe.

Furthermore, a detailed observation is taking place thanks to the sudden rise of crops production in Colombia. At the moment Colombia is the largest producer of the drug.

“The United States remains deeply concerned about the surge in coca cultivation and cocaine production in Colombia since 2013, and its impact on each of our two countries,”

Who could be moving this major weight? Does the police have any further leads? Leave your comments below, an stay tuned current news on


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