Clothing Store Extra Butter Calls Out Shoplifter By Using His Phone And Posting On Their Instagram

Clothing Store Extra Butter

Extra Butter is a clothing/shoe boutique located in New York, NY, and it dealt with a very “special” shoplifter earlier this week.

One man went into the Extra Butter and tried to take a jacket. He managed to leave the store with the jacket, but left one very important personal belonging. He left his phone in the dressing room.

The Extra Butter staff took full advantage of this and posted a picture of the shoplifter, and his girl (the phone had no password) on their Instagram, which has since been deleted. They posted a picture of them with the following caption.

“Shout out to the brainiac who just stole a jacket from our store! You might want to come back and get your phone that you left in our dressing room. Do you want the surveillance footage on a disc or should we just email you?”

Since the photo has been deleted, maybe the guy returned the jacket, especially since all his information is on his phone.


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