Civil Regime’s Holiday 16′ “Story” ,’Battle Cry’

Civil Regime s Holiday 16 Story ’Battle Cry

This is not a collection. Rather a story. A story about who and why.

Civil Regime.

The brand’s latest look-book dives into the minds of a fighter who risked his life for the good of mankind. The tough decisions that had to be made for the sake of winning the battle. Decisions that haunt every soldier who’s ever stepped foot on the battlefield. In homage to the brave – that dared to put up the “good fight” for all of civilization. The days spent in the trenches, not knowing if tomorrow would be promised. Worn and weathered – weary and weak, Civil Regime honors those who’ve helped this country become the land of “Life, Liberty and Happiness.”

An array of choices are featured. Jackets, t-shirts, jeans, hats – even hooded sweatshirts. Each piece commemorates every life taken during the days of battle and reminds us all how far we’ve come. View the full collection in the slideshow above.

This “story” is available via PacSun and Civil Regime’s official website.


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