Sacramento MC Chuuwee Continues His ‘Dystopia’ Series With Part #3 “PassOver”


Sacramento emcee Chuuwee gears up for yet another album in his highly acclaimed “Dystopia” series. Setting fans up for part 003, Chuuwee teams up with New Mexico rhyme-smith & producer Khalisol, who produced the entire album.

When asked about the album, Chuuwee states,

“It started out as just a joint project. We’ve actually been working on it for 3 years but then I started doing the Dystopia series. By the time I came back to review and listen to what we had so far and thought, this would have the perfect continuation of “Sabbath.”

The album is called “PassOver” because that’s the next holiday after Sabbath, however, in the storyline of the series this is the breaking point. This is that moment when you feel like things can’t get worse and you’re just praying for them to “Pass Over”. Unfortunately, in this series, things only get worse.

In the Dystopia five-part album series, the first album “Paradiso” was released in March 2017, the second album “Purgator” was released in July 2017 and the intermission album “Sabbath” in November 2017.

Check out the album below and stay tuned for more from Chuuwee in 2018!


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