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    Chrystian Lehr Is The Future Of R&B & Pop

    Chrystian Lehr Is The Future-1
    Hailing from Columbus, OH, Chrystian Lehr has been in tune with his gift of music and expression since early childhood. According to Chrystian, “You know you’re meant to do something when it comes naturally to you, and music comes very naturally to me.”

    Chrystian Lehr is an R&B/Pop sensation. Melodically, he is a genius. His pipes are the real deal. And lyrically, he has something to say. Chrystian has been featured on MTV Buzzworthy who describes him as the future. He dropped his hit single “Go’ featuring Lil Twist which impacted radio and major blogs in 2013. The video premiered on BET’s 106 & Park and has received 2 million+ views on YouTube and VEVO. Now Chrystian is fresh off his new project Fools Gold and his sound is nothing shy of complex and well executed.  His 7-track EP boasts a range of versatility from ballads, like “Love Over Pride,” and “Burning Bridges” to uptempo bangers “Switch Up,” and “Karma.” With over 7,000 streams on Soundcloud in under two weeks, Chrystian Lehr has solidified why he is the future of music.

    His versatility as an artists is what drew us to his unique sound. While his counterparts opt for catchy hooks, dumb-downed lyrical content and safe vocals, Chrystian approaches each track with the opposite in mind. Although his hooks are catchy, his vocal ability never takes a back seat in the pursuit to please mainstream listeners. He infuses Soul, R&B, Pop and Trap in a way that is revolutionary and quite genius. You can hear his influences of Usher, Michael Jackson and Brandy as he effortlessly hovers over diverse production, delivering a sound that is refreshing to hear in this strange era of music.

    “Talent, drive, musical intuition and star quality are the rare but important ingredients an artist needs to create compelling music and deliver unforgettable performances, and 22-year old Chrystian has them all.” 2016 is looking bright for the crooner and we are excited to hear what else he has in store. Until then, stream his melodically brilliant EP, Fools Gold here.


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