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    Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West For President???

    This Thursday “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West” spoke at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

    Kanye may just change his name. Forbes chose to call Kanye a centa-millionaire although he showed a receipt for 890 million dollars. Speaking of Christian Genius. He hosts his Sunday Service events and even released a Christian album. The album dropped on October 25th and is his ninth number one album.

    Prior to this, he stated that he would be campaigning for a Presidential election in 2024. The crowd laughed but Kanye wasn’t having it. He stayed kept a straight face until the laughs died down and asked: “What ya’ll laughing at?”Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West-1

    He spoke about his commitment to creating so many jobs that by the time of his campaign he would be walking and not running. “Martin Luther King didn’t get killed because I Have A Dream. He had something else he was gonna talk about”

    Kanye believes many people are afraid to speak out and socially and economically empower the black community. “The reason why I say these things out loud is so I won’t be killed”
    Kanye goes on to speak about how he was killed by the press and media for having an opinion.

    Kanye was accompanied by Steven Smith who spoke about some of the “constraints” Kanye put on him as far as designing the Yeezy’s.

    One of which was no laces. He commented on how he had to repeatedly tie his laces during one of his Sunday services.

    Kanye came up with a catchy slogan from Yeezy. “Yeezy make life easy”. He goes on to speak about the psychology of color. He read to Kim Kardashian West while she was taking a bath.
    Kim responds “ I just want to take a bath.”

    Kanye has a good outlook on life and a full plate; with new ideas for the Yeezy brand, a number one album, and a presidential campaign to look forward to.

    Let us know your thoughts about Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West in the comments.

    Article Written By Alexander Leal


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