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    Who Is Christian Agront? Influencer Arrested For Evading Taxes

    Puerto Rico is becoming a tax haven for American mainlanders by having an income tax of 4%. According to Forbes, investors and business owners can legally avoid the 37% federal rate and the 13% California (or any other state) rate is a huge difference. Many business owners ad influencers moved to the island to avoid paying taxes. In fact, Logan Paul admitted to evading taxes on his podcast. He emphasized that the reason for moving to the island was to avoid paying higher taxes. Christian Agront and many other wealthy people take advantage of the lower cost of living, an attractive financial opportunity.

    Who is Christian Agront?

    His face has appeared on billboards. He also appears on several of the main social media platforms with inspiring messages proclaiming that he has the recipe for “success”. When “everything seems to go wrong”. He always tries to showcase the richness of life.

    “To achieve your dreams you have to include the dream of other people with you. Because true abundance becomes real in your life not when you have money but when you have so many people around you winning,” said Agront in the video below.

    On many occasions, Christian Agront has shared his story on his YouTube and Instagram to inspire others with the story of entrepreneurship. On Instagram, Agront has approximately 265,000 followers meanwhile on YouTube, he has 19.4k subscribers.

    Agront has a company called JetTrades with the slogan ‘Freedom is the ultimate luxury’. JetTrades is a company that offers online learning. According to an article done by Forbes Mexico in 2021, the Puerto Rican leader has a presence in the US, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and more.

    Furthermore, JetTrades website reads: Our courses teach you how to participate in the financial markets at any level: beginner or expert. Diversify, replace or supplement your current income to build a life on your own terms. JetTrades is that bridge between your current situation today and your desired situation tomorrow.”

    Battling Charges

    The influencer Jorge Christian Batista Agront, better known as Chris Agront is who the Department of Justice filed charges for tax evasion. He is imputed for not reporting more than $11 million and not paying the Department of Finance around $7.6 million.

    Currently, Agront is facing three to eight years and a fine of up to $20,000 for violations of the Internal Revenue Code.



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