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Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen Fell Down Stairs??!! The Bruises are BAD!!

Chrissy Teigen fell down stairs on Memorial Day by tumbling down a flight in her husband’s home.

Yes, you read it correctly: John Legend’s Chrissy Teigen fell down stairs.

She took to Twitter to show off the damage… And let’s just say it’s pretty damn bad.

“I finally fell down my stairs yesterday,” she said on Saturday. “Can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner.”

After she followed up with a video of the injury, she comments: “Oh my gosh, it looks so bad. It’s worth it.”

This past Sunday, she joked, “I fell down a flight of stairs the same day that lady fell off the cliff and all John did was leave to Aruba.”

Here’s the video she was referring to, “Cliff Wife,” became a meme over the weekend when a  YouTuber put up a hilarious video of his wife falling down a hill.

Hopefully, she recovers in expedient time, and that all will be well for the remainder of the Memorial Day holiday.

Picture Credit: Getty Images

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