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    Chris Rock Reveals He’s Best Buds With Busta Rhymes

    Having friends in the HipHop industry gives us major credit. Comedian Chris Rock has major ties with several HipHop icons. Over the years, he’s been featured on several rap albums, such as Rick Ross’s 2017 Rather You Than Me. Clearly Chris Rock is a major HipHop icon himself. He’s even best buds with legendary emcee Busta Rhymes. Though, his friendship with one of the fastest rappers in the world goes deeper than just surface level problems. In fact, Rock revealed the unforgettable moment the rapper carried him out of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay’s 2002 funeral. It only solidified the two’s friendship.

                        Best Buds Care For Each Other

    Best Buds
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    As a fan of HipHop, Chris Rock obviously has a slew of artists he hangs out with. Though, we’re pretty sure his best bed Busta Rhymes is on speed-dial. According to Rock, the two have been friends for years. Although, there’s one moment in their friendship that the comedian can never forget.

    During a recent appearance on MC Serch’s Serch Says Podcast, the comedian opened up about his ‘breaking down’ during Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay’s funeral back in 2002. Chris Rock explained he’d been so upset that Busta Rhymes helped physically carry him out the Allen A.M.E Cathedral in Saint Albans, Queens. The 55-year-old told Serch that while he loves Busta Rhymes as an entertainer, he appreciates him more as a person. “He never really lets you down. He’s not even underrated, he’s under appreciated.” No wonder the comedian and rapper are best buds. They look out for each other, especially Busta Rhymes.

                             Justice Prevails In The End

    Best Buds

    We can only imagine how traumatic Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay’s death must’ve been for Chris Rock and his best bud. Sources report that Jam Master Jay was murdered at his Jamaica, Queens studio in 2002. Authorities have spent years trying to identify the killers. Fortunately, in August of last year, police finally found the criminals. Drug trafficking criminals Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. were swiftly indicted with charges of murder. Both are serving time for the HipHop icons death. Chris Rock can hopefully have some peace of mind knowing that justice prevailed.


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