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    Chris Rock Hates Civil Rights Movies: Here’s Why

    Rock on Racism in moviesThe KING of funny, Chris Rock shares his sentiments about civil rights movies. In a recent interview, the comedian elaborated on the subject without bashing the creators.

    Who Chris Rock Really Is

    Back in the 80s, when television was the only source of news and entertainment, comedy dominated airwaves. Foul mouthed sensation, Eddie Murphy, randomly discovered Rock at New York’s Comedy Strip one night, changing his life forever.

    February 7, 1965 marks the date the Everybody Hates Chris actor was born, making him an Aquarius. Apart from few other comedians during that era, the candid comedian’s movie and television success further broadened as time went on.

    According the Biography, he and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York from Andrews, South Carolina.

    The actor begins attending a predominantly white school, enduring common hate known as racism. Subsequently, Rock shared with the world the tragedies of being a minority—the funny way.

    Raw humor and liberated freedom of speech gained him respect and criticism from white and minority audiences.

    Hit Movies and TV Shows

    Although he endured a few bouts with controversy, he was still able to further his career. He boasts a hefty list of shows and movies that are still the go-to for a laugh and a little suspense.

    Rock’s first comedy album, Born Suspect, actually launched his career, at least to create a buzz. However, in 1996, HBO chimed in on the new talent.

    Then he gained his opportunity to shine. Bring In The Pain scored two Emmy Awards.

    A Sugar-Coated Concept Of Racism 

    Chris defends the notion that racism is sugarcoated in movies. The actor tells Indiewire that racism is never addressed in movies the way it happened in real life during that era.

    “Black people went to vets, not dentists”, referring to traumas with his mother.

    All in all, Chris Rock eludes to the fact that true and authentic Black stories aren’t told.


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