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    Chris Rock Calls Out DJ Khaled For Just Screaming On Tracks

    Chris Rock is known for his outlandish humor on the stage. His unique storytelling puts him in the hall of great comedians. However, his latest comments make it seems like all Dj Khaled Does Is Scream On Tracks.

    Chris Rock has no problem with speaking his mind when he’s handed a mic. However, this time around it seems like the comedian is questioning DJ Khaled‘s road to fame. Rock took shots at DJ Khaled, basically saying that all Khaled does is yell on tracks. Yesterday, Rock posted a random meme of DJ Khaled, along with a sarcastic caption.

    Chris Rock DJ Khaled

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    Best producer in the game. He the best.

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    What became more interesting is that people on Instagram started to agree with Rock’s comments. Just last week Khaled dropped a studio album “Father Of Asahd” produced by his son. Khaled has been viewed as a motivational speaker and is all about positivity. Despite his popularity, Khaled has never appeared on a song by just himself.

    Khaled in intriguing because he is one of few that is able to get superior artist all on one track. He along with crazy production helps to prove how great Khaled is. Recently it was announced that all profit from the song “Higher” on his album will go towards the late Nipsey Hussle kids. Earlier this year the rapper was executed after a verbal altercation.

    Is Chris Rock hating? Will a Chris Rock Dj Khaled beef start over his comments? Is Chris Rock telling the truth? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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