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    Chris Brown’s Yard Sale is Bothering The Police

    Chris Brown is selling his stuff and LAPD isn’t feeling that!

    Singer Chris Brown is a regular person aside from fame. Regular people have regular yard sales and nothing is wrong with that. However because of Chris’s fame when he does something it attracts more people and more attention. The singer decided he wanted to have a yard sale. It could. be because he is trying to get rid of things he doesn’t need. Or it could be because he wanted to give his fans a chance to buy something that bel0nged to him. Whatever the reason the local police where he lives tried to shut the sale down.

    Brown took to social media to announce the sale on Tuesday.  He posted a flyer that included his home address and the time people would have to shop. Staying true to Yard Sale rules everything is first come first serve. Yet before the sale even took place the police tried to have the whole thing shut down. Chris Browns Yard Sale is Bothering-1

    TMZ first reported that cops where at the “Run It” singer’s home Tuesday evening trying to scare him out of continuing the sale. Allegedly the cops told people on Brown’s team that they needed a permit to have a yard sale in L.A, something that is very much untrue. After Chris’s lawyer got involved and informed the cops they were spreading false information. The cops tried another tactic to shut things down by saying the crowds where a concern which again was untrue.

    The fact that Chris has a history with the police may have played a part in the harassment he was receiving but it still doesn’t make it right. Various celebrities have had similar garage sales without any police interference. Lance Bass is actually working on a Television show based on “famous yard sales”.  Chris brown should be able to enjoy the freedoms other celebrities have in interacting with their fans despite his criminal history.

    The garage sale was slated to go on from 10 am to 7 pm Wednesday, so hopefully, a lucky fan is buying one of the singer’s old socks right and no cops are there trying to ruin that fans’ special moment.

    What do you guys think? Should the cops be able to bother Chris Brown just because he caused them trouble before? or Should he be able to sell his old stuff unbothered like most American citizens

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

    Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage


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