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    Chris Brown Double Dipping?? More Drama!!

    The talented singer known as Chris Brown can’t seem to stay out of the media. Chris Brown is expecting a second child. It’s possible that a Chris Brown double dipping scenario might be taking place. As his ex-girlfriend, Ammika Harris is pregnant despite having a relationship with Indyamerie.

    Things are surely getting interesting inside of Chris Brown’s camp. It is being reported that Brown and his ex-girlfriend by the name of Ammika Harris are expecting. Previously Brown was dating someone by the name of Indyamarie. It’s a possibility that Chris Brown double dipping with both women took place.

    Chris Brown Double Dipping

    Despite having a bad track record with the media, Chris Brown has been a loving father to his current daughter Royalty. Things got nasty in a previous battle with Nia Guzman. Overall, she was requesting $21K per month. In addition, she was demanding a quarter of a million for back child support. After the announcement of Harris pregnancy allegedly Brown broke things off with his lover Indyamarie.

    Brown can’t seem to catch a break, as last year he was accused of taking part in a rape case. Overall, the singer was being detained in Paris, and would later be released. Above all, it seems that Brown’s best interest would be to stay away from women at the moment.

    In conclusion, should Brown stay single? Will he ever find true happiness after Rihanna? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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