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Chris Brown Arrested and Accused of Rape

Sky News

After a wild night in Paris, Chris Brown could be facing more.

The singer has been arrested for alleged aggravated rape and narcotics offenses.

Brown was partying on the night of Jan. 16 or Jan. 15, when a woman says she met the star. The alleged victim claims she met Brown while at club Le Crystal. She then states that after, they went back to Brown’s hotel room, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where she was forcibly taken advantage of.

Chris Brown is now awaiting to hear good news. But, it’s not certain whether or not he’ll get that.

TMZ has learned that Parisian authorities have two days to decide what to do with Brown. They are facing the decision of letting Brown go or file preliminary charges.

If Brown is released, then he can return back to the United States. However, if a prosecutor decides to charge Brown, he can be required to stay in custody pending trial, or released on “obligations. ” Being released on obligations means that Chris Brown will have to remain in Paris for, potentially, up to a year.

He may also be asked to appear at the police station every 2 weeks, to ensure he hasn’t left the country.

Funny though, images show CB was with a woman by the name of Ammika Harris just days after the incident. The two were partying at Le Cirque Clu, and are presumably dating.

This is not the first time rape allegations are surrounding the Brown. Back in May a woman claims she was raped at the singer’s home, following a party.

The judge did not find Brown accountable.

Thoughts? Do you think Chris Brown will find himself out of this one? Let us know with a comment!

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